Virtue Marketing- A purpose driven business with marketing integrity, delivering REAL results”>em
Director Kelly Vrolyks drew upon her 20 years’ experience in the tourism industry to turn a passion connecting with individuals & businesses into her own successful business.
Kelly is an ethically driven and commercially minded B2B & B2C Marketing Mentor & Engagement Specialist with proven business judgement; strong strategic capability, leadership and a well-rounded understanding of all facets of small business. A strong service ethic, empathic attitude that encourages trust and professionalism has contributed to a highly-respected reputation amongst clients.
In 2005, Kelly Vrolyks established Virtue Marketing As a purpose driven business we strive to help people through empowerment, education and awareness. Virtue Marketing are especially passionate about ethical marketing…. Marketing messaging that’s honest with your limitations and highlights your strengths and place great importance on building relationships based on trust.
At Virtue Marketing we believe business ethics of virtue, traits such as compassion, fairness, loyalty, and openness can shape a person’s and an organization’s vision.

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