Virtue Marketing

marketing-ethicsThe director of Virtue Marketing, Kelly Vrolyks, is a B2C & B2B ‘Creative Mentor’ with proven business judgement; strong strategic capability, leadership and a well-rounded understanding of all facets of the tourism and health and wellness industries.

The traditional product or sales based approach is not as effective in today’s global economy and marketplace. Potential customers are far savvier than ever before. Ethically driven marketing strategies will invoke trust in your business and allow your customers to endorse your product through compelling, emotionally charged messages. After all; word of mouth marketing is the best and most effective way to ensure your tourism business is sustainable.

Virtue Marketing believes execution is the key to the successful fulfilment of your marketing goals. Customers don’t care how fabulous marketing strategies are, they’re only concerned with wether the product or service meets and exceeds their expectations.

Virtue Marketing specialise in assisting your operation to implement the best possible solutions to improve and enhance your product or service, working with small businesses to ensure that they deliver on marketing promise.

Virtue Marketing can re-evaluate your marketing plan, being honest with your limitations and highlighting your strengths. Whether its individual projects or more strategic market planning, Virtue Marketing has the knowledge and values to make your marketing work for you.

For those small businesses with their marketing under control already engage Virtue Marketing to look after your Social Media. From as little as two hours per week and through a Social Media Strategy & Ongoing Social Media Management Virtue Marketing can help with: brand exposure, help in delivering an effective Social Media campaign with measurable results, deliver engaging social campaigns that connect your audience with your brand and finally establish ongoing relationships that drive real business value.



  • Online Marketing Strategies & Social Media Management
  • Building flexible and achievable marketing plans that adapt with evolving market trends
  • Marketing collateral development
  • New Market Penetration
  • Product Development
  • Product polishing, evaluating and quality control
  • Cooperative & destination marketing